Advantages of small concrete pump

Small concrete pump is between the fine stone pump, mortar pump and a large concrete delivery pump between the construction of a small town or rural area about 10 layers 3,4 floor building houses is very practical. First, small concrete pumps for the construction of these projects to save a lot of labor costs and shorten the construction period. The traditional heavy construction tasks, with manpower concrete transported to the floor Highway dedicated concrete mixer china Manufacturers can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Small concrete pumped another advantage for small construction projects most appropriate choice. At present, the Changsha Connaught launched a concrete motor power 45KW, 55KW, 75KW such as the size of the pump, according to different construction requirements can choose the right products. In addition, Changsha Connaught diesel-powered small concrete pump truck for the construction project can not supply the power to provide a strong guarantee, can be divided according to power 53KW, 83KW and other models, the use of Weifang diesel engine, low fuel consumption, high efficiency and economical.

Small pump technical features

Outrigger span small jib minimum opening height low, harsh space, through the good; Total power use matching techniques, Dobby complex motion control technology, the machine is stable and reliable, work more efficiently; Key components for the world-class brand of original goods into the unit, and using the most rigorous and demanding production technology and testing manufacturing processes to ensure that each pump of high quality; The product has a very small span, lighter vehicle weight, the higher outlet pressure and so on.

Small concrete pump displacement

Small concrete pump displacement, depending on Diesel concrete pump china manufacturers the number and diameter concrete cylinder reciprocating piston velocity and concrete cylinder sucked volumetric efficiency. After pumping before the end of each boot and after washing the vehicle, check and maintain the internal manual grease pump storage tank filled with grease, grease pump handle is pulled, observe stirred bearing, S tube size stub at both oil spill clean immediately after. Operation, every one hour flipping manual grease pump handle 10 times. Small aggregate concrete pump lubrication system should be kept clean to prevent dust and other contaminants from entering, nor in contact with the acid and alkali substances, after every 500 hours of system cleaning. When the delivery cylinder plating (0.2-0.25mm) not wear out and the rear piston concrete tank that is concrete mortar or sand appears, indicating that the piston has been grinding for immediate replacement of the concrete seal, guide ring, dust ring.

Small concrete pump structure

Small concrete pump is adapted from the truck chassis, which is mounted on the chassis movement and power transmission devices, pumping and mixing device, feeding device, and other auxiliary equipment. Concrete pump power through a power transfer Construction site concrete mixer china manufacturers case transfers power from the engine to the hydraulic pump groups or rear axle, hydraulic push the piston drive concrete pump. Then use the boom and pump delivery pipe on the concrete delivery to a certain height and distance. Small concrete pump truck with the engine in addition to driving, but also to drive the pumping mechanism, mixing mechanism and fabrics institutions working device.


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