Bluetooth technology is awesome, especially Bluetooth music speakers. You can select and change your favorite songs from a distance. And I have finally found the best pair of of Bluetooth speakers that are loud, have a good sound and can be enjoyed anywhere you want (in the yard, garden, or porch). They are made of sandstone and designed for outdoor use.


How bluetooth works: you send a radio waves via your phone, and speakers just pick up the signals. If you use a wire instead, it could be damaged by animals or by weather conditions.

The distance depends upon the strength of the signal that your phone gives. Some devices have to be as close as ten feet, while other ones can be forty or more feet away.

These outdoor speakers are 10 inches tall, so you can easily put them under the plants, tables or chairs.  They also look good on the deck stairs..  which can make for an easy setting if you’re throwing a backyard party and want to aim the music down into the yard. The next advantage of these outdoor speakers - they are totally waterproof, so dont care to leave them always connected.

The connector cable is approximately 18 feet long. Each speaker weighs about 8-10 pounds.

What about the sound? They are too small to have enough power? Wrong!

The music plays clearly, loudly and powerfully. The Bluetooth connection remains strong too and doesn’t get broken up. At highest volume, these guys sound just as great as any other volume level without sounding overdriven.

If in doubt, based on my experience you would have no regret in purchasing them.